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Helena Hudak

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About the Artist

Helena Hudak Helena Hudak completed her Bachelor in Art History in the former Czechoslovakia where she worked in museums and galleries until she moved to Canada in 1984. In Toronto took art theory classes while working in her antique store doing finishes for furniture and interior design for customers. Her appreciation of colors led her to develop a mosaic technique which she now utilizes in birdhouses that she constantly conceives in new forms and designs. She changes color schemes, motifs and textures through diversity of material; broken pieces of ceramic, glass, shells, stones and jewelry. Her efforts materialize by capturing the color and life of the outdoors and bringing them inside for year round enjoyment.



Helena Hudak
3 Ostend Avenue
Toronto - ON - M6S 1L3
(416) 763-5013
[email protected]

For enquiry, contact Laure at 416.850.5851 or by email: [email protected]

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