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Mosaic By Laure
Laure Ampilhac

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About the Artist

Laure Ampilhac I create unique and modern handcrafted mosaics in vivid and brilliant by using tesserae (mostly cut pieces of ceramic tiles and many other found materials like pebbles, driftwood, marbles, broken pottery, china and mirrors). My mosaics are decorative art. However they are not purely ornamental - they can also be useful: mosaic mirrors, tables, trays, picture frames, flowerpots, lamp bases and clocks.

My passion for colors and shapes started while living in France, back in October 2000. I took my inspiration during my trip to Morocco, Italy and Spain (Barcelona with the work of Gaudi, and Andalucia. Through books and good advice from a friend I started mosaic as a hobby. With time and experience, I have mastered the techniques of cutting, tessellating and grouting and discovering the huge possibilities of ceramic tiles: the graduation of colors and the effects given by the shapes of cut pieces and coloured grouts.

Flower Pots


Mosaic by Laure
Laure Ampilhac

28 Saunders Avenue
Toronto - ON - M6R 1B8
(416) 850-5851
[email protected]

For enquiry, contact Laure at 416.850.5851 or by email: [email protected]

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