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Valérie McGarry

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About the Artist

I have an absolute passion for mosaics. As a self-taught mosaic artist I enjoy working with many types of materials, juxtaposing often unexpected elements to create very textured, contemporary mosaics with a little bit of glimmer in each piece.

My inspiration comes from science and nature. Each piece has my interpretation of some aspect of the natural world in it. Creating mosaics allows me to express my love of the environment. Hopefully my mosaics will encourage others to find something in nature that speaks to them.



Valérie McGarry
503 King George Rd. - RR#6
Brantford - ON - N3T 5L8
(519) 758-0862
[email protected]

For enquiry, contact Laure at 416.850.5851 or by email: [email protected]

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